Path of Revelation: The LIMS by Gabriel Parker: Intro

I’m Gabriel Parker the creator of the LIMS(less is more series), which will be a series of blogs, vlogs, and music focused on tackling hard and relevant topics.  The goal is to help give people a better understanding of who God is in a time where I believe many are confused and struggling when it comes to faith not just outside of the church, but within.  As many churches implore self-centered messages that dont point to the glory of Christ, I believe this will serve as a resource to bring clarity in the midst of a climate full of heretical teachings.

I am a man of God, dedicated husband and father, and ordained minister at International Gospel Center church, though most of you may know me as one half of Christian Rap/Producer duo Path of Revelation.  Growing up in a pentacostal deliverance church my entire life along with being exposed to and learning reformed theology over the last 4 years, I believe I have a unique perspective which I believe will be beneficial in building bridges between denominations.  I don’t have all of the answers, but Im excited to share testimonies and a point of view I pray encourages you and brings conviction.

One of the foundational meanings behind the LIMS is that God takes the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.  He specializes in taking the underdogs and least likely to show off His glory.  We can look at stories like David who defeated the Champion giant Goliath after Goliath had defeated all of Israels best warriors.  David wasnt even a warrior at the time, but a shepherd boy who couldnt even fit the armour yet God used him to do the impossible and later made him king.  So while the preaching of the cross is foolishness to those who perish my “less” is putting the focus back on Jesus and His glorious gospel because its truly “more”.

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